Oldies But Goodies: If A Facebook Game Concept Works, Keep It

It's not just a coincidence that newer games are based off of older gaming concepts. Gaming developers do this purposely, why? If it worked once, it will work again.

What do Create, CityVille and Monster Galaxy all have in common (besides all three being social games)?

Give up? All three of these games are based off of older game ideas. Last week I reported about the newly developed Create application for Facebook users. Also in the article, I compared similarities between the fairly new game Create and an older gaming series known as The Incredible Machine.

It isn’t a coincidence that these games have similarities to older games. Top Facebook developers use this strategy because it works. Think about it: which social gaming developer has mastered this concept? If you said Zynga, you’ve been paying attention to our articles here at Social Times.

CityVille, FarmVille, FrontierVille are all Zynga games that are based on the same gaming concept. Zynga, realizing that their concept of FarmVille worked, based their future games on the same idea. Even though some of their games did not receive the same feedback as FarmVille, Zynga still was able to attract users to the similar games. I’m confident that Zynga, the top social gaming developer, will continue to create these “Ville” games until gamers are no longer interested. It wouldn’t be smart of Zynga to jump off the “Ville” bandwagon just yet.

Monster Galaxy, currently with 2.8 million monthly active users, uses the same exact gaming concept and phrase as an older game. Head right onto Monster Galaxy’s application page and you’ll see in the description a familiar phrase, “Catch them all!” Catch them all, huh? A gaming concept based on collecting monsters, with a “catch them all” concept. Sounds a little like Pokémon?

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