Older Women Meet Younger Men at Cougared Dot Com

cougaredDemi Moore. Geena Davis. Susan Sarandon.

What do these lovely Hollywood starlets have in common? MEOW! They are call cougars. And should they become single in the near future, they have their own social network, Cougared.com.Part social network, part dating hot spot, the Website has brought in close to 2,000 members in less than half a year, proving that the word “cougar” deserved Time Magazine’s number one honor of top buzzword on 2007

Cougars, females 35 and up can stalk their prey, men aged 18 to 39 years.

Registration is free on this Ning-built network, giving members access to profile pages and photos. The founder of Cougared does not allow and X-rated content on the Website. So if you’re looking for MILFs on a bus, you best look elsewhere.

The online community makes perfect sense, matching up two segments of society that otherwise, might never meet. This will keep middle aged women out of bars and young men out of department stores. Plus, it Cougared could be an advertising revenue money maker. Between AARP banners and the lad mag crowd, all the bases are covered.

Planned features include live chat and video players. They’ll likely be added somewhere between May and December, just like the relationships Cougared is hoping to be the catalyst for.

Anyone know if there’s a site out there for older men and younger women? I smell a double standard, but that doesn’t usually stop the ‘net.