Older Games Resurge on This Week’s List of Top Growing Games by DAU

This week we have many older titles making an appearance on the leaderboard of fastest growing Facebook games based on daily active users. Some of these titles include FarmVille (which released its English Countryside feature giving players a second farm), Texas HoldEm Poker, Bejeweled Blitz, Zoo World, and FrontierVille. According to AppData, our analytics and metrics service for monitoring the top games on Facebook, DAU gains overall were slightly lower than usual — allowing some older games to resurface that we haven’t heard from in awhile.

CityVille takes the number one spot (due to Daily Horoscope being miscategorized as a game). Though Zynga’s city builder has fallen from its peak of 101 million monthly active users down to just under 90 million MAU, the game is still holding strong with over 20 million DAU. The only game that remotely comes close to this amount of daily traffic is FarmVille, with 13 million DAU. CityVille has over 25% of its monthly players logging in to play each day, and with that kind of engagement the game will continue to see strong revenue.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Daily Horoscope 1,502,706 +540,148 +56%
2. CityVille 20,174,981 +320,985 +2%
3. FarmVille 13,076,301 +263,750 +2%
4. Monopoly Millionaires 839,158 +196,570 +31%
5. Texas HoldEm Poker 7,143,470 +175,778 +3%
6. Diamond Dash 263,712 +168,756 +178%
7. 開心寶貝 352,359 +119,818 +52%
8. Zoo World 644,125 +118,322 +23%
9. Bejeweled Blitz 3,500,523 +115,316 +3%
10. Ravenwood Fair 1,217,303 +112,952 +10%
11. Birthday Cards 572,150 +111,093 +24%
12. Zombie Lane 207,752 +110,221 +113%
13. CSI: Crime City 398,588 +106,362 +36%
14. Ninja Saga 979,410 +100,185 +11%
15. Bubble Island 1,132,052 +95,471 +9%
16. FrontierVille 4,784,123 +85,613 +2%
17. Zuma Blitz 971,819 +70,536 +8%
18. EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars 646,403 +64,860 +11%
19. Slotomania – Slot Machines 346,372 +61,696 +22%
20. Backyard Monsters 952,876 +58,603 +7%

開心寶貝 (translated as Happy Baby) is a Chinese game that is too close to EA’s Pet Society for comfort. We first wrote about this clone in January of 2010 when the game first released and mentioned that it might as well be the Chinese localization of Pet Society. Happy Baby was released by Boyaa, a company that does not appear to have any relation whatsoever to EA or Playfish. The game has been on a steady decline for the past 6 months and a sudden spike in traffic in the last week seems to be from a cross-promotion or ad spend. At this point, it looks as if Happy Baby is a long way from its former peak and probably won’t see those numbers again.

Ubisoft’s CSI: Crime City is a game that has been on and off the leaderboards since it launched in October of last year. Crime City was developed by Area/Code (which was purchased by Zynga in January) and impressed us enough to make our top 10 games of 2010 list. Crime City peaked in January and has been on a downward spiral ever since, but is picking up steam again over the past week. With a big publisher like Ubisoft and an established television brand like CSI, Crime City could have what it takes to rebound. At this time, it is the best performing Ubisoft game four times over, with Castle & Co barely comparing.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.