Old Titles Make Way for New Ones on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Games List

New titles take up the top five places this week, while Christmas apps grab some late players before the end of the holiday season on this week’s emerging games list.

The list is our way of watching titles to see trends and future success; it looks at games that end the week with between 100,000 to 1 million users monthly active users.The numbers are according to AppData, for the week ending December 24th.

Tiki Farm, a farming game with a tropical twist, comes in first this month and with the largest single gain of any title among the top 20 emerging games, at 71 percent. The game is the first of two titles by Playdom in the top five, the other being Wild Ones, a multi-player shooter via Worms, at 4th with a 448,000 MAU and 35 percent growth this week. Both titles premiered this month and both look to fly past the Top 20 emerging, possibly to the top gaining daily and monthly active user lists in coming weeks.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon Tiki Farm 886,461 +631,180 +71.20
2. icon Bubble Popp 928,859 +565,733 +60.91
3. icon Ponzi, Inc. 949,639 +223,218 +23.51
4. icon Wild Ones 448,069 +156,370 +34.90
5. icon Say Merry Christmas 313,105 +156,319 +49.93
6. icon Top Fish 683,158 +126,694 +18.55
7. icon COLLAPSE! 687,340 +122,349 +17.80
8. icon Happy Habitat 396,178 +116,436 +29.39
9. icon Christmas Friends Tree 273,593 +98,749 +36.09
10. icon Youtopia 606,829 +97,210 +16.02
11. icon Bite Me 334,999 +80,313 +23.97
12. icon Warstorm 107,863 +78,670 +72.94
13. icon Ninja Warz 520,477 +75,757 +14.56
14. icon Christmas Video 195,099 +74,050 +37.96
15. icon Christmas Countdown 243,121 +66,215 +27.24
16. icon Nindou International 137,845 +62,901 +45.63
17. icon Songs 899,555 +61,326 +6.82
18. icon Send Holiday Wishes 206,053 +57,315 +27.82
19. icon Send Glitter! 308,112 +56,717 +18.41
20. icon 點歌零距離 131,615 +54,327 +41.28

Meanwhile, Bubble Popp, a bust-a-move-styled puzzler, is in second place and grew by 61 percent or 566,000 players this week. Popp also has the second highest MAU of any title on the list with 929,000 monthly active players.

At third is the ever-growing Ponzi, Inc. This tycoon game has been a regular emerging game all month and looks to outgrow the emerging list by next month if not next week. The game grew by 24 percent and now has the largest MAU total of any game on the list, at 950,000 players. If the game grows by even 6 percent next week, it will have graduated from the emerging list and only be eligible for the DAU and MAU top 20 gaining lists.

This week has five Christmas games and card-building apps on the list, which ties last weeks amount. However last week’s title Candy Cane, has been replaced with Send Holiday Wishes, 18th. No other titles dropped a place on the list, but Say Merry Christmas gained the most, moving up three spots for fifth with 156,000, a 50 percent gain.

New titles were released this month as well and are making their first appearances on the list this week. At eighth, with the largest gain, the animal saving Happy Habitat. At 12th, strategy game Warstorm with a growth of 73 percent. And at 16th, ninja fighting game Nindou International.

The year should finish out with new titles fighting their way up the list as other titles reclaim the space left behind by Christmas games and apps.