Old Spice Response Campaign Was More Popular Than Obama

We knew that the Old Spice response campaign was a success, but we weren’t sure just how successful until we saw new statistics released in a case study by Old Spice and Wieden + Kennedy. The stats show that Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign was the fastest growing interactive campaign in history. There is no denying that the campaign was a huge success for the brand, catapulting them into the number 1 spot for men’s body wash and making Old Spice a legend in the world of online marketing.

Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ began with a single video, which started out online and then went to television. It was an instant success, with Old Spice accounting for 75 percent of all conversations in their category for the first quarter of the year. But the real success of the campaign came last month, when Old Spice launched their response campaign, in which ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ interacted with fans via an onslaught of YouTube videos.

Check out the following statistics and you’ll see that the success of Old Spice’s campaign is impossible to deny:

  • The campaign received a shopping 5.9 million YouTube views in the first day. That’s more views that Obama’s victory speech received after the first twenty-four hours!
  • On the second day of the campaign, Old Spice accounted for 8 videos out of the 11 most popular videos on the Web.
  • By the third day, the Old Spice response campaign had more than 20 million views.
  • A week after the campaign launched it boasted over 40 million views.
  • As a result of the campaign, Old Spice’s Twitter following increased 2700%, their Facebook fan interaction went up 800%, and the traffic to OldSpice.com went up 300%.
  • The campaign catapulted Old Spice into the #1 most viewed branded YouTube channel of all time.
  • Since ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign first went live, it has generated over 1.4 billion impressions for the Old Spice brand. And it’s not just about impressions – the brand’s sales are also up 107%, making Old Spice the number one brand for men’s body wash.

Check out W+K’s case study video below to find out more about the vision behind the campaign, its success and to view some fun clips. A brand would have to do an awful lot to replicate the success of Old Spice’s campaign. Do you think we will see anything of this caliber in the near future?