Old Spice Pays To Get ‘Old Spice Guy’ In Trending Topics

A full week after the new Old Spice ad hit YouTube it has finally broken the 400,000-view mark and that was only after paying Twitter to promote 'Old Spice Guy' into the trending topics.

A full week after the new Old Spice ad hit YouTube it has finally broken the 400,000 view mark, a far cry from the millions of views their previous campaign videos got within days. And even worse, the only way they managed to get to 400,000 was by paying Twitter to promote ‘Old Spice Guy’ into the trending topics.

Yesterday we posted about why the Old Spice Guy should have quit while he was ahead. The return of the Man Your Man Could Smell like has been far from triumphant and people just aren’t taking to him like they did in the past. It could have something to do with the fact that this time around they targeted one particular fan – 16-year old Chris Gatewood. The Old Spice response campaign last summer targeted everyone on Twitter and Facebook. Although everyone didn’t actually get a response video everyone was excited by the possibility that they could and that’s why #OldSpice raced to the top of the trending topics. I should note that Old Spice also promoted themselves to trending in the last campaign, but even if they hadn’t they still would have gotten there organically in no time.

A couple of our readers commented on yesterday’s post about why Old Spice’s campaign is more of a dud this time around. Adam Chamberlain said, “This campaign made it all about the winner, Chris Gatewood, rather than the masses it had before. The lead up was a good idea but the execution after failed to get viewers because people didn’t feel ownership as they had before.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

This time around things are different. #OldSpice didn’t race to the top of the trending topics and the video sat dormant on YouTube for nearly a week with less than 200,000 views. This morning when I woke up I saw that ‘Old Spice Guy’ was promoted at the top of Twitter’s Trending topics. I should note that I live in Israel so this was during the middle of the night in the US (was Old Spice trying to be sneaky?).

Am I the only one who thinks it’s a little sad that the Old Spice Guy’s charm is rubbing off? The 2010 campaign was one of the best advertising campaigns of all time and this comeback…well…the best thing I can compare it to would have to be The Matrix Reloaded. Some good things just don’t require a sequel, if you catch my drift.

Did you see Old Spice Guy trending? What do you think about the fact that Old Spice paid to get him there, and why do you think the new campaign has fallen short?