Old School Media Misunderstood

This is from today’s E&P:

Last year, Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel called a press conference amid speculation that he would announce his intention to run for president, then said only that he was reviewing his options. Washington Post writer Dana Milbank called Hagel’s event “the political equivalent of Geraldo opening Al Capone’s vault,” alluding to Geraldo Rivera’s 1986 discovery on live television that this vault was empty. Post columnist Eugene Robinson later said on Meet the Press that if Hillary Clinton were to not only speak at a black church but eat there as well, “it could be a kind of reverse ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?'” (referencing the 1967 movie)….Journalists who lace their copy with such retro terms or names risk alienating those who are too young to get the allusions. Even common catch phrases that hearken back to earlier times may be puzzling to younger readers.

Probably if you work with anyone born after 1980 you have experienced this phenomenon. Our solution, however, is not to stop using ‘retro’ references but to use them even more…usually with the aid of a YouTube clip and an all caps chat commentary. But to each their own.