Platform Update: Out with the Old Insights, Further API Migration Deadline Extensions

Facebook announced the discontinuation of the old Insights dashboard, an extension of the deadline for migration away from deprecated APIs, and a revamp of the Facebook for Wesbsites introduction documentation in its weekly Platform update on the Facebook Developers Blog.

Old Insights Dashboard to be Discontinued

Facebook has finished moving all the functionality of the old Insights dashboards for apps and Pages to the new version of Insights which was originally launched in April. The last additions to the new Insights tool — a specific date range system and improved accuracy for native data visualizations — were implemented at the end of December. Since there are no remaining advantages to the old Insights tool, Facebook will discontinue access at the end of January.

Additional API Migration Deadline Extensions

Facebook announced in August that a set of APIs would be deprecated at the beginning of 2011, but since the changes would break apps depending on these APIs, Facebook extended the deadline until January 7th. Now, after receiving feedback and notifying the developers of any applications still calling these APIs, Facebook has again extended the deadline. The migration away from the deprecated APIs will be automatically enabled for all apps on January 12th, but developers will be able to “manually disable the settings on the ‘Advanced’ tab of the Developer application until January 31.”

The auth.promotesession API for Facebook Chat was to be deprecated, but it will continue to function until a suitable OAuth replacement can be found. These extensions show that Facebook is deeply concerned with preserving the satisfaction of the developer community, even if it means delaying items on the developer roadmap.

Updated Facebook for Websites Documentation

In an effort to make it easier for websites to integrate Facebook features such as social plugins, Login with Facebook, and personalization, a new version of the getting started guide for websites has been added to the documentation references. The update adds better sample code, such as FB.api and FB.ui versions of code to personalize a site through the Graph API. Over two million websites have already integrated, but Facebook wants sites without sophisticated engineering teams to also be able to provide their users with a social experience.

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