Old Guard Tech Companies Lead This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Yahoo and Microsoft would like to own Facebook. But failing that, they at least get to have the two top apps on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_90376669494_1016 Yahoo!4,414,981+2,376,402+117%
2.Original Windows Live Messenger8,508,613+761,018+10%
3.App_2_152645868106521_5766 My Kingdom800,365+711,260+798%
4.App_2_116608318401029_8697 Disfrázate473,807+311,906+193%
5.App_2_135261626503589_1397 開心水果(开心水果)291,063+282,403+3,261%
6.Original 創世紀2012339,078+274,415+424%
7.Original 守衛家園381,022+273,051+253%
8.Original Phrases7,207,738+270,446+4%
9.App_2_120065608052360_3390 ๑۩۞۩๑ HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! ๑۩۞۩๑287,084+237,138+475%
10.Original 德州撲克(中文版)1,003,922+218,484+28%
11.Original ibibo.com225,722+199,930+775%
12.App_2_181606049889_436 Social Fun318,453+161,332+103%
13.App_2_129547877091100_7928 Crime City567,009+144,938+34%
14.Original Backyard Monsters687,684+132,699+24%
15.Original لعبة الحقيقة228,946+131,189+134%
16.Original iHeart110,907+106,537+2,438%
17.App_2_10754253724_709 iPhoto Uploader271,465+84,922+46%
18.App_2_116318625062183_2941 SmileyCentral491,508+77,475+19%
19.App_2_141437422542260_5503 CSI: Crime City156,875+66,586+74%
20.Original JibJab129,116+65,313+102%

Properly speaking, Yahoo! isn’t an app, it’s an integration for existing Yahoo users. Quite a few of those users appear to be taking advantage of Flickr integration, which allows them to more quickly move over photos from their Flickr accounts. Windows Live Messenger we’ve seen many times before; again, it’s an integration for existing Messenger users rather than a distinct app within Facebook.

My Kingdom, the first real app, is a Chinese-language farming and kingdom building game. You may have noticed the large number of other Chinese-language entries; all of them are games. Over at our Inside Social Games top 20 list, Chinese-language games have taken eight of the 20 spots.

Disfrázate and ๑۩۞۩๑ HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! ๑۩۞۩๑ are both holiday holdouts; the former may survive for longer, since it has the general function of dressing up your profile pics, but the latter isn’t likely to be seen any time soon.

Finally, despite spotty availability of late (at least to American users), Phrases is continuing to pick up both DAU and monthly active users.