Olbermann Vs. The New York Post: Both Sides Respond

Matthews_P6_6.20.bmpSo, since we last (this morning) visited the battle between Olberman/MSNBC and Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post there have been a few responses from those involved.

  • NBC News SVP Phil Griffin tells TVNewser that “It’s outrageous and it’s so disgusting and it’s so disrespectful of Tim’s memory that Page Six would use his memorial as an occasion to slam MSNBC and NBC News.”
  • A network insider tells TVNewser: “Page Six never lets the facts get in the way of the lies they want to tell. This story is complete bullshit. They took comments Chris was making, asking for advice on a speech he was to give next week and took that to somehow be about Tim. It’s such bullshit”
  • And last, but not least, the author of the piece that is raising so much ire, Page Six’s Paula Froelich tells Gawker: “I am honored and chuffed that someone with such a severe case of malignant self-obsession as Keith Olbermann would say I am the Worst Person in the World for June 19, 2008. Apparently I, by writing a true story about his ambitions, trumped the atrocities committed by Robert Mugabe, Than Swe, Boris Boyarskov (he wasn’t in the news yesterday but I generally think he’s a pretty bad guy and assume he did something bad), Ratko Mladic, Hugo Chavez, and his own beloved Dick Cheney. (Notice I didn’t say what these people do — Olbermann will have to expand his scope beyond his own being to figure it out. Heres a hint, darling: one is the vice-president of the United States of America). Perhaps Keith, who is as infantile as he is narcissistic, should preach to his viewers about things that actually matter to them, rather than himself. But then again, there are only 300,000 of them. The FLDS has more members.” Snap!