OK!: We have the baby and we’re being very coy about it

spearsok.jpgAs reported earlier this week, OK! seems to have acquired the first photos of Britney Spears’s baby. But they’re being a little coy about it. From MSNBC:

“We’ve got Britney and the baby this week,” OK! Magazine chief Richard Desmond revealed to Access Hollywood.

So we sent our intrepid reporter Tim Vincent to talk with the mag’s editor to see if it was true that they landed the coveted Britney baby photo.

“Richard has told me you’ve got the pictures of Britney and her baby,” Tim told OK! editor Sarah Ivens.

“Well, we love Britney, so you’ll have to watch the space,” she coyly replied.

“Well Richard Desmond has already told me,” Tim insisted, hoping to squeeze some info out of her.

“Has he? He’s a rascal,” she smiled. “Well, Richard’s my boss so he can say that if he wants to.”

Sounds like a real intellectual power-house over there at OK! Not revealed, of course, is the price paid for the photos, which Radar pegged at $2 million.