OK. We Can’t Stand It Anymore

It’s kinda counter to a news website, we know, but we’d been trying all day to not write about the fact that Patrick Swayze has spoken out in support of Mel Gibson.

So we won’t.

Instead, we’ll point you to a TMZ.com story about how Ralph Shapiro, the prosecutor who filed DUI charges against Mel Gibson has been removed from the case.

The D.A’s office isn’t saying why the switch was made. All they’re saying is that they removed a guy named Shapiro in favor of a woman named Gina Satriano in a case involving a guy who Patrick Swayze swears is not an anti-Semite.

Since Shapiro isn’t commenting, we’ve taken the liberty of making up a quote for him:

Shapiro said he was livid about the change. On Monday, he grabbed a box of documents and his computer and stormed out of his office shouting, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”