OK! Taps P&G for Olympics Coverage

Who knew celebrity-obsessed women were also into the biathlon?

As a sponsor of the Winter Olympics and a big advertiser, Procter & Gamble has an interest in getting maximum promotion of the games—so it targeted celeb weekly OK!. The title’s publisher Lori Burgess said when she sat down with P&G to talk about advertising, the marketer asked if OK! could create editorial content to support the Olympics.

While Burgess conceded that sports is a little out of OK!’s wheelhouse, she began to see the increasing blurring of sports and fame. “Look at all the celebrities who are married to or are dating sports stars,” she said. “I do think sports is moving into celebrity.”

The result, indicative of the lengths publishers are going to in pursuit of advertising, was sizeable editorial coverage devoted to the Olympics over four issues.

The editorial package includes P&G products integrated into beauty pages, and a special travel section focused on Vancouver and Olympic athletes featured in the mag’s party pictures. P&G bought 20 ad pages across four issues, helping boost OK!’s ad pages 18 percent to 120 through its Feb. 15 issue, per the Mediaweek Monitor.