OK! Relaunches Website, Prepares To Declare (Gossip) War With TMZ


Hey! Everyone’s! Favorite! Celebmag! OK! Just! Redesigned! Their! Web! Site! The last sentence was seriously lame. We’ll be the first to admit that. But the coffee we drank this morning was kinda lacking in caffeine and we’re pretty ornery now. But the interesting thing about this is that, as our predecessor Dylan Stableford notes in Folio, OK! is going directly after the TMZ market and then some:

The site is touting its “state-of-the-art, made fresh daily video,” MyOK!, its social networking component, a “CelebCam”—where OK! “gives celebrity guests the chance to turn the cameras around as they talk to average people about what they care about most”—and something called “Man Candy,” based on a regular magazine feature. Morissy says OK! will announce celebrity bloggers in the coming weeks, including Paula Abdul, who has signed on to blog for the site in a lead-up to the next American Idol season.

Except, as can be seen in the screenshot above, TMZ is a major advertiser on OK! Mag publisher Tom Morissy openly admits the site will compete with TMZ but, as he puts it, “in this category, people who enjoy our site are often looking at a handful of sites.”

We’re looking forward to this whole Paula Abdul-as-blogger thing, anyway. As long as it’s not ghost-written and not looked over by proofreaders, OK! can make Courtney Love look like a chump. Which would be pretty cool indeed.