OK! Magazine Staffers Audition To Keep Thier Jobs

Last week the west coast office of OK! magazine axed two staffers- executive editor Mary Ann Norbam and features editor Rob Chilton. But OK! has also done some hiring, in the form of consultant Juliet Gray, whose job is to work with publisher Lori Burgess- presumably to help decide who to fire next. Gawker has obtained the email Ms. Gray recently sent to the magazine staff- an idiotic quiz that may just determine whether or not employees get to keep their jobs:

Hello all –

By 9am on Monday- no excuses- I need you to e-mail Jennifer Doll answers to the following, which she will compile by noon and e-mail to
me. Please be very specific:


To whom do you report and how long you have worked here.

2 to 3 sentence explanation of your job at OK!

What have you worked on in the last few issues that you were particularly proud of, felt truly defined and was a fabulous story for and in OK? Be very specific here. If it is a story with multiple contributors I need to know exactly what you contributed. Writer? Editor?

What sets OK! apart from US Weekly, Star, Life & Style and every other celeb tab on the stands? Be very clear here.

What was your last celeb encounter/experience and what was the take away.

What are two hot, buzz-worthy lifestyle topics and why.

Give me one non-news celebrity lifestyle cover package. Please sell this to me in 3 sentences.

What is your favorite magazine and why.

I will be scheduling individual meetings with everyone on Tuesday, so please plan to cancel any and all out-of-office appointments that day. West coast editors MUST be available by phone when I call.

Thank you.

– Juliet