OK, I Was Wrong, Google Nexus One Support Line Available at 888-48-NEXUS

On February 3, I advised you…

Google Looking for Phone Support Program Manager: But, Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting

Well, here it is just a week later and I am proved wrong. If you wander over to Google’s Nexus One contact support page…


…you’ll find instructions for collecting the appropriate information to provide Nexus One support from a real live human being at the other end of this toll-free (in the US) phone number…

888.48.NEXUS (63987)

This number is staffed daily from 7am to 10pm Eastern Standard Time. The main thing you need to find is your 15-digit Google order number.

Via TechCrunch: Google Launches Phone Support For The Nexus One, Lowers ETF By $200

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