Oink? This is a New Social Rating App Digg’s Founder is Working On

Digg.com founder Kevin Rose started a mobile app development firm earlier this year. Its first project is something simply called “Oink.” TechCrunch interviewed Rose and learned that the first Oink app will be for the iPhone. It will let people rate things around them but is not a location check-in app. The app will integrate with both Facebook and Twitter to share the things rated.

Milk’s First Project Revealed: Oink, A Mobile App To Vote, Rank, And Share (TechCrunch)

Pointing your browswer at Oink.com presents you with the option to authenticate with your Twitter account. You can see the result in the screenshot here. All you from authenticating with Oink is giving them the ability to DM (Direct Message) your Twitter account.

What will Oink do aside from rate share photos, connect to Twitter and Facebook and rate “things?” We’ll have to wait until the app is released to find out.