Oh There’s No Place Like House for the Holidays


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the ode to type that’s occurring later this week–the House Industries Band (when they’re not wearing leather pants or eyeliner you’d know them simply as House Industries) will be making back-to-back appearances here in LA. Performing what they call a “duh-sign” lecture, HIB (as die-hard fans, we can call them that) will actually be playing instruments while showing their work. That’s pretty much the best idea for a lecture we’ve ever heard, so consider us HIB groupies.

Catch the gang at AIGA/LA’s holiday party December 7, where they’ll be playing at the Petersen Automotive Museum. And in a fitting bit of synergy, the Petersen is featuring an exhibition about Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, on whom House based its Rat Fink fonts. The next night, head over to the Reserve Gallery on Fairfax (no website) for the opening of Uber Alles, House’s art show that will be up through January.

We just finished picking out the pair of underwear we plan to throw at Andy Cruz. OMG, maybe they’ll sign our Alexander Girard Alphablocks!!! We bet they give really good autographs, too.