Oh Gibbs! Press Secretary Makes Good on Hockey Bet

Pic tweeted by ABC’s Jake Tapper from the briefing room.

Right now in the White House daily press briefing, press secretary Robert Gibbs is making good on a bet, and donning hockey jersey.

He initially came out in a personalized Canada jersey– #39 for team USA goalie Ryan Miller. Still in the Canada jersey, Gibbs said that he’s instructed the Canadian Ambassador to deliver a case Molson Canadian and a case of Yueling, America’s oldest beer, to the prime minister’s office.

The bet was made with his counterpart in the prime minister’s office, Dimitri Soudas, over the Olympic hockey games. Gibbs joked the winner was “somewhere several hundred miles north laughing.”

Pic tweeted by CBS Radio’s Mark Knoller.

Just a few minutes later though, Gibbs unveiled a surprise and is now sporting a USA jersey underneath the Canadian jersey. #10 for year 2010.

Gibbs joked press aide Nick Shapiro ordered the USA jersey a little bit smaller so that he could keep it after the press briefing.

After a few questions, Jake Tapper told Gibbs that it might be difficult for him to explain to ABC News viewers why in a piece on health care, the White House press secretary is wearing a hockey jersey. Gibbs, quick on his feet, said it “can’t be any stranger than any of the things I see on the news.”

The birthday boy joked back: I’m just happy it was a hockey and not a wrestling bet.

UPDATE: After about 50 minutes (by Knoller’s count) and multiple complaints about how warm he was, Gibbs is back in a shirt, tie and jacket at the podium.