Oh, Did Someone Mention Those Four Forbidden Words: ‘Hollywood on the Potomac’?

Last week we brought you a legal draft from Publicist Janet Donovan‘s attorney regarding The Daily Beast Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz’s use of “Hollywood on the Potomac” in a tweet. They let him off easy with Donovan sending him a note asking him politely not to use the phrase that she had copyrighted for her blog by the same name. Kurtz never responded.

But now we have another situation.

This time, the phrase surfaced in DC Magazine. So what can we expect – another lawsuit threat from Donovan? “I spoke to Karen and since magazine already in print, took a pass, but is changing the online,” said Donovan, referring to DC Magazine Editor-in-Chief Karen Sommer Shalett.

See the offending page from the magazine after the jump…