Oh, Danny Boy


If you’ve had one of those kinds of days where you’ve felt productive and moving steadily toward all those lofty goals you’ve set for yourself, we apologize in advance for pointing you in the direction of this terrific interview with designer Danny Franzreb. Not only is the man an accomplished designer, author, curator, art director at Scholz & Volkmer, a very cool firm, but he’s only twenty-six years old as well. It’s one of those things that, if you try to compare yourself or keep up in any way, you get to about the third interview question and you realize that one solitary night you’ve let yourself take off from work, back in 1995, was the biggest mistake of your life, because you haven’t accomplished anything. But it’s still a terrific interview and really worthwhile to know what makes this amazing designer tick and when and where he does his ticking. Here’s a little from the interview, about his time management skills:

Well, I have no real time management. I know how I work, that I can operate much better and much more focused when I have a lot to do. That is when I feel good. So I tend to pile up a lot of work that will ideally be as interesting as possible. This way, you ultimately have no other option than to pull yourself together and work through your projects. When I take on a project, I feel responsible for its success and commit myself as much as possible – after all, my reputation also depends on my output. In addition, projects such as BD4D are very important to me and I have no problem devoting extra time, so long as I am convinced by them.