Oh, Alright…Radar vs. Gawker, if we must

Radar vs. Gawker, if we must

I wasn’t planning on commenting on the Radar vs. Gawker feud because I’m too conflicted to even pretend to be objective about it. Professionally speaking, I was the founding editor of Gawker and was a contributing writer for Radar 1.0, and personally speaking, am friends with almost all of the parties involved. (Do conflicts in both directions cancel each other out?) But given that not saying anything about it may be equally egregious at this point–or so I’ve been accused–I’m just going to point you to the relevant links. Send us anything else that’s relevant and we’ll add it to the pile o’ permalinks.
– Elizabeth

P.S.: yes, “KEW,” no one cares. Thus our previous Radar vs. Gawker policy, which, were it not for crimes-of-omission charges, I’d have preferred to stick with.

Our previous Radar vs. Gawker policy:
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