OgilvyEngage Launches

Ogilvy Public Relations has launched OgilvyEngage, a practice focused on getting consumers to change their habits in response to socially responsible public health and safety programs. Actions can include something as personal as taking medication according to a doctor’s prescription.

“A company can deepen its relationship with its customers by supporting them in such actions as managing their healthcare, developing better nutrition habits, and protecting their homes and their assets. It’s good for the customer and society and that makes it good for the business,” said Ogilvy PR CEO Christopher Graves in a statement.

Bess Bezirgan, an SVP who joined the firm in September to develop the new group, will lead it. She’s worked in both the private sector at companies like Dow Chemical and Alcoa and in the public sector, for several government agencies, for example.

Bezirgan worked with a number of Ogilvy colleagues on the latest installment of The Red Papers, a series of documents that analyze different comms topics, called “From Cause to Change: The business of behavior.” We’ve got the SlideShare after the jump.

From Cause to Change  

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