Ogilvy PR Hires Edelman’s Markson as President, Global Consumer Marketing Practice

Ogilvy PR has hired Mitch Markson, Edelman’s current global chief creative officer, as president of its global consumer practice, effective June 4. Markson will lead the efforts to work collaboratively with other areas of the company, including Ogilvy & Mather, in an effort to bring clients work that takes various marketing disciplines into account.

Markson will also serve as the chief creative officer for Ogilvy’s new Purpose Branding initiative, which will pull together the firm’s specialty groups such as OgilvyEarth (focused on sustainability and environmental initiatives) and Ogilvy Impact (focused on internal comms) into campaigns that connect with consumers and adhere to both social responsibility and business goals.

In a statement, Ogilvy PR’s CEO Christopher Graves said Markson will be bringing “a whole new context” to the firm that taps the entirety of Ogilvy’s resources.

“That is, working in an environment of deep integration across all disciplines, and bringing to life Ogilvy’s unique purpose branding methodology of the ‘big ideaL,’” the statement continues.

“I feel it’s a new day for Ogilvy overall,” Markson told us in a phone call today. “And in my whole process of interviewing, I met as many of the Ogilvy & Mather people as the Ogilvy people.” Markson said there is a “respect and enthusiasm” throughout the company for a more “evolved” PR that fits into modern strategy and development work.

Beyond the work across the organization, Markson said he’ll be focused on working with clients across the globe. “The first step is to look at who are some of our big global clients and see how we can add value in a meaningful way,” he said.

Within the past year, Ogilvy has seen a lot of change in its consumer group. We asked how Markson hoped to build some stability in the group.

“I’m an optimist looking to the future,” he said. “It’s hard for me to speak about what’s happened in the past. But I think the announcement that Christopher Graves made about me is a huge commitment to the practice and to the future.We will inspire people within the company and outside to look at Ogilvy in a fresh light. The opportunity is to go up.”