Official DVD Announcement

From the Post:

    Style’s New Political Reporter

    We’re delighted to announce that the incomparable David Von Drehle will be the next Style political reporter. This is an ideal match in many ways: David is a familiar face in Style, serving a four-year tour as Assistant Managing Editor, following a turn as Arts editor during which he helped assemble the finest collection of critics in daily journalism. David has also been a superb contributor to the National desk’s political report, first in the early ’90s and then again over a five-year stint ending in 2004. We’re confident that David’s erudition, graceful writing and distinctive voice will elevate Style’s political report in new and surprising ways.

    David is currently on book leave and expects to return to the newsroom around the beginning of March.

Two more things:

Part of the reason that the selection of DVD is a big deal (and why it has been so well-received in the newsroom) is that, as a former assistant managing editor for Style (he succeeded Mary Hadar, and Gene Robinson followed DVD), the move represents DVD returning “home” to his section.

We’d also like to know this: Will Bob Woodward write a piece on the move?

More bio info:

    David Von Drehle is a senior writer on the Sunday magazine of The Washington Post, having previous served the paper as national political writer, New York Bureau Chief, Arts Editor and Assistant Managing Editor in charge of the renowned Style section. He has covered a wide variety of assignments for The Post, including the 1992 and 2000 presidential elections, the death of Richard Nixon, the turn of the milennium, the meaning of snow shoveling and the lives of such figures as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Willie Nelson. He is a native of Aurora, Colorado and a graduate of the University of Denver and Oxford University. His latest book is Triangle: The Fire That Changed America. Von Drehle lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife, journalist Karen Ball, and their four children.