Office Bonding Daily Caller Style

Some offices have annual retreats where they get bombed, go on cruises or do trust exercises in the woods. The Daily Caller is taking the office retreat to another realm. Next Saturday employees are going hunting at a private club near Kearneysville, West Virginia. This means a day of shooting skeet, birds, trap and machine guns.

Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson, a regular hunter, said he thinks it’ll be a good office bonding experience. “As for camaraderie, there’s nothing like firearms to bring an office together,” he wrote by e-mail.

Here’s what the hunting club’s website says in terms of offerings. Our favorite (by far) is “Grouse Butt.” Please, DC scribes, you must snap pictures for us. But do be careful. And try not to shoot anyone in the face.

The Offerings

ZZ Birds/Helice
Crazy Teal
Grouse Butt
Sporting Clays
Wobble Trap
Cater to any request