Offerpal’s Ads Go Live On Zynga Games, Now in Café World and Vampire Wars

So far in Zynga’s offer re-rollout, it has launched with two companies that we know of: SocialVibe and Offerpal. We covered SocialVibe’s brand offer ads earlier today, now here’s a look at what Offerpal is doing.

Its offer wall is now up on virtual restaurant game Café World — the second-largest game on Facebook, with more than 30 million monthly active users — as well as on one of Zynga’s smaller titles, role-playing game Vampire Wars. The walls on both sites include the advertisers that Mark Pincus mentioned last night on his blog: Blockbuster, GameFly, Netflix, Book of the Month, The New York Times, Discover, Snapfish and HSBC.

These advertisers are the high quality ones that have been running through Offerpal and other offer providers. As with the lower-quality offers that many offer companies also used to run, they’re derived from online advertising networks far removed from Facebook. Zynga removed all offers two months ago.

Offerpal’s existing features are present. There’s a button that pops out a window showing you what offers you’ve taken and are waiting to redeem points from. Each offer includes text explaining the terms required to earn the points. The Discover offer, for example, says that “Cafe Cash awarded ONLY on approved applications. Allow a minimum of 10-14 business days for your application to process and to receive your Cafe Cash if your application is approved.”

All of the offers appear to be hand-picked, at this point. Offerpal has talked in detail about its efforts to filter out bad offers, so has Zynga — the latter company has set up its own team and technology to independently monitor the offers.

Offerpal has previously said it has many more offers it considers high-quality, so we expect those to gradually appear in this interface. While the company has faced heavy criticism for the quality of some of its offers in the past, what we’re seeing today shows it has made a lot of progress. Convincing the largest social gaming company to add it back is a big win.