Offerpal Teams with Tapjoy for iPhone App Monetization

What could make iPhone app development and monetization a more seamless operation? Combining the two to create a one-stop-chop-shop. Offerpal Media has partnered with Tapjoy to present such an offering. As part of Tapjoy’s Software Developer Kit for iPhone apps, developers can choose to optimize monetization options through Offerpal Media. It’s a package deal that covers some of the most important bases for iPhone app developers.

For Tapjoy, the inclusion of Offerpal’s monetization platform means that the company can offer a range of new features for its own clients. This holds especially true as Tapjoy already benefited from creating package deals that encompass advertising and monetization options through companies such as Google. As a core focus for Tapjoy’s SDK is to enable developers to profit from their iPhone apps, broadening options towards this end is in the best interest of Tapjoy.

Offerpal Media has extended its services to the iPhone earlier this year, and in an effort to make itself more accessible to a wide array of iPhone developers, Offerpal has teamed with an established SDK provider. A similar tactic was used by Offerpal in other areas of virtual goods monetization, as the company teamed with IMVU this year as well.

This is the latest in a string of announcements from Offerpal Media, which has been aggressively seeking to grow its monetization platform. Likely due in part to its recent infusion of cash to the tune of $15 million, the virtual goods monetization strategy is becoming an attractive alternative for generating revenue.

Offerpal is doing what it can to take advantage of this current trend, rolling out custom analytics features for clients and leveraging key partnerships such as the one with Tapjoy during a pivotal point in iPhone’s time line, given that the new OS 3.0 became available to consumers just this month.