If You Like Awkward Things, You’ll Love Watching Nick Offerman Read Young Female Celebrities’ Tweets

Although we (still) find this incredibly weird, add these videos to the list of “things you just can’t stay away from:” A grown man on YouTube reading tweets sent by young female celebrities.

Oh and the “grown man” is comedian Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation, so that makes the whole thing a lot less creepy than you imagined – but it’s still a big ball of uncomfortable.

And you know you’re going to watch it.

What would it sound like if someone read your tweets out loud? Imagine your Nana saying ROFLMAO to get a good visual stuck in your head. Or just watch this video and see all things awkward come to life!

Here’s his most recent installment (he’s up to #8 now), but the one following this (#7) is funnier, we think. What do you think?

#7 here:

Can you think of a Twitter-reading scenario that could top this on the weird-funny scale? Or have you seen something that tops it? Share a link and we’ll check it out!

By the way, Offerman isn’t just doing this for fun (we assume), it’s a recurring segment on the Conan O’Brien show.

(Image from Shutterstock)