Off The Record: All-Times all the time, except for the part about the WSJ

Today in the New York Observer‘s “Off The Record” column, Gabriel Sherman dishes on Frank Bruni and pipes up about the NYT’s CEO-led conference on “Leadership Driving Growth,” while Tom Scocca offers hugs to the mostly-equally-loved pretty babies of the Times Op-Ed brood (yay MoDo in top three! Yay Tom Friedman’s mustache!) and mulls the Times‘ recent report on “Preserving Our Readers’ Trust” as chaired by Allan Siegel, endorsed by Bill Keller, and inspired by Daniel Okrent (per Scocca). I’m sorry, I don’t care what kind of review it gets, my appetite will never be whetted by a place called “BLT Fish.”

Oh yeah, more bad news for the WSJ, that Euro-tabloiding circulation-dropping Dow-Jones-propping little paper-that-could: country-cousin Barron’s gets dibs on the weekend late shift at the Dow Jones printing plants, so the Saturday Journal has to meet an earlier deadline (WSJ deadlines will be cut by 45 mins). Wall Street Journal, how long will it be possible for you to stand silent and stoic under fire? Just askin’.

Find it here, like you always do:
Off The Record [NY Observer]