Off the Media: La Verdad

The show does its foreign thing again this week, this time talking all about the Mexican elections and society. Interesting enough, and we couldn’t help but find parallels with what’s going on in our own El Norte.

Like allegations of voter fraud. No we’re not talking about Florida in 2000, but rather all over the U.S. in 2004. At least if you listen to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who made a very persuasive argument in Rolling Stone and on TV shows about why Kerry won the election — though we doubt it will get much traction since a lot of what he said revolved around statistical analysis of exit polling. And Kennedy isn’t exactly a non-partisan name.

Or how the journalistic objectivity we Americans profess to hold so dear might not always be what best serves humanity. Sometimes, if something’s wrong, you can try to fix it, and maybe even still be a good journalist. To wit:

“A border town sustained by multinational factories that draw workers from across the country, Juarez has seen the kidnappings, rapes and murders of some 400 girls and women since 1993. … Many locals say if the Juarez mystery is ever solved, it will be because reporters have stretched the boundaries of their jobs. Local coverage has attracted international attention and the murders are slowly becoming a worldwide human rights issue.”