Off the Media: Fork Bending Liberal Journalists!


We couldn’t hide our amazement this week at having “On the Media” host Brooke Gladstone confirm that she is not only married to a liberal, she probably IS one. Yep, the host of “On the Media,” in an intelligent piece about whether journalists are able to have beliefs or not — at least of the political variety — disclosed that she had been looking to vote for Hillary Clinton on a non-Democratic ticket. That means it was most likely the Working Families Party, whose politics are aligned with the likes of Pete Seeger and other certified lefties.

Not that we lose any respect for Brooke. Far from it. One could, in fact, argue, as some do in her piece, that disclosure is most the honest form of flattering the audience, and is much more honest than pretending there’s a priesthood (when everyone knows there’s fooling around behind the scenes). If the Washington Post‘s Len Downie really does, as he claims, avoid having any partisan thoughts about which dopes of a politician are better than any others, then our hats are off, and he’s a better man than most. “Does he say he can bend forks with his mind?,” quips Michael Kinsley. “You know, some people can do remarkable things.”

Not that we believe there should be applause in a newsroom when one candidate wins or loses — something that people inside one broadcast network’s halls got scolded for during one particularly contentious presidential election you may remember — but maybe a little disclosure about political leanings would actually help. As Dave Marash told us: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Mightn’t it be best to disclose and let the reader/user/listener/user draw his or her own conclusions?

The rest of the show nicely wraps up the elections, and shows how people in the Middle East who watch TV for their news probably know more than we do. And conservative direct mail Richard Viguerie avoids some of Brooke’s questions but does say he thinks media like this are the real influentials.

Oh, and they have a new Web site. Which will drive you insane if you try to subscribe to their newsletter. If you do get the newsletter you’ll get this (Bob-written?) gem on what’s on the show tonight: “The ACLU wants COPA to go away, but the DOJ is putting up a fight. Not clear? Three words: children, porn, internet.”