Off the Media: Brooke Phrases, Too

Brooke Gladstone hosted the show by herself this week, and not to be outdone by the other BG, she did gave us some of her own phraseology: a Web-only news show for the “New Orleans Diaspora” and “broadcasting in New Orleans is like a jump ball … up in the air.”

We like the reportorial nature of the work — giving us some feel, for example, of what it’s like in the Big not-so-Easy after Katrina, and how blowing the city to smithereens has led to a boom in news programming. But did she really mean to liken the city’s chief technology officer to Oppenheimer? We know she was making a point about someone leading a big lab project, but did she really want to draw an analogy to the father of the atomic bomb?

We do love it, though, when Brooke gets to say “edited by me” (even if it’s only groupies like us who get the joke).