Off the Media: Brilliant Brian

We know it’s Friday, so, before they put their new show to bed tonight …

In between On the Media‘s foreign sandwich this week (Lebanon comes first for two segments, and the show wraps with a father of free speech, Britain’s John Wilkes), comes a segment on the tenth anniversary of troubled cable TV network MSNBC. The brilliant commentary and analysis came from none other than our own TVNewser all star, Brian Stelter, interviewed by co-host Brooke Gladstone.

Some of his notables:

  • “You just don’t need cable news on an hourly basis.”
  • “We’ll have to wait and see if (MSNBC on TV) is still around 10 years from now, and if so, is it anything like what we know it now? Maybe there is room for three cable news channels, but I’m betting there’s not.

    We know he’s in college and all, but sheesh, the guy knows more about cable TV news history than, well, anyone else we can think of. Which, we suppose, is why someone like founding executive producer Merrill Brown shares his own thoughts with Brian on the network that could have been.

    In another segment, co-host Bob Garfield again confirms his nature in talking about how Hollywood studios have won a court case to get Clean Flicks to stop putting out sanitized versions of movies:

  • “One explanation for Hollywood’s reaction could be, I guess, if you were suspicious enough — like me — that actually the studios want to have this business of sanitizing all to themselves.”

    Hollywood shutting someone else down so they, alone can profit!?! You heard it from Garfield, first.