Off the Media: Bob and Don


On the Media’s Brooke Gladstone once told us we clearly “love” her fellow host, Bob Garfield. Blushing, we admitted a certain admiration for the way he unflinchingly cuts against the “I’m so smart” deep-voiced broadcast grain, calls a spade a spade (or even an ace, when it is) isn’t afraid to laugh uproariously on air, or point out contradictions and stupidity. And thus, we admit what we find most compelling about this week’s show is Bob’s essay on how our former secretary of defense is suddenly lamenting the phrase “war on terror”:

Asked if there was anything different he’d have done in Iraq, Rumsfeld offered, “I don’t think I would have called it a war on terror.” Oh, really? … Rumsfeld had many opportunities to change the spin, but he clung to “war on terror” like a magic talisman. And no wonder; It was a linguistic trump card, justifying anything the administration did on grounds of national security.