Off the Media: Biz 2.0 Editor Says Blogosphere Is ‘All About Talmudic Commentary’

beastie_jew.jpgWe were reminded this week about how Jewish other places find the New York media. What with Business 2.0 editor Josh Quittner giving us this gem while telling On the Media about his mag’s new blog lineup:

“The blogosphere is all about the Talmudic commentary on the text.”

(Really, Josh? We thought it was all about what congressional staffer someone slept with.)

… and co-host Bob Garfield referring to the humor-challenged John Kerry as “Shecky Green” — a reference that those who don’t know from the Borscht Belt may not get.

… and Slate columnist David Plotz talking about his Bible blog. By “Bible,” we think he means “Old Testament.”

Not that we’re ignoring the true point of the show’s pieces. We tremble with both excitement and dread at the thought of Business 2.0 bloggers being paid for the amount of traffic they generate. Not that they’ll load up their posts with PARIS HILTON, BRAD PITT, ANGELINA JOLIE, SEX TOYS, and such, but we’ll be checking the inbound traffic on this post.

And this week‘s only “foreign” piece is about Borat and the ethics of interviewing make believe characters. It’s also about how Bob’s drooling over the prospect of the movie shows how no one should have been shocked by its box office success.

P.S. We wonder why, whenever WNYC talks about On the Media, they neglect to mention the 7 a.m. Saturday airing on the AM 820 station. Maybe we’re the only New Yorkers up and listening at that hour? A habit born of listening in the days before podcasts, we guess.