Off the Media: Awareness Zingers

Bob Garfield rightfully slapped our wrist (from an email address that made us laugh but we shouldn’t reprint) for implying he was off his game this week.

He’s right. On the Media’s final segment on the plethora of Awareness months, weeks, days and nanoseconds did include a reasonable amount of snark and snipe, including:

“Genital Integrity Awareness Week came and went with barely a peep.”


“Despite the native unsexiness of swimming pool hygiene, Beach’s office has generated millions of webpage views. But the fecal matter awareness message is a work in progress.”

Really, though, the segment’s laughs came largely from the list of some of the 213 observances this year (up from 43 in ’84, Garfield said). Or maybe we just glazed over after hearing Fred Thompson of the Liver Foundation talk about their need for celebrities.