Of Web Metrics And Page Six

0924pagesix.gifDoree Shafrir‘s bought some good stories over to the Observer ever since her move from Gawker. She just saved us the hard work of parsing through web metrics for gossip sites and found some interesting trends in terms of site traffic:

The numbers point to what can only be a worrying trend for celebrity news and gossip sites: there is, perhaps, some audience fatigue. TMZ recently laid off one of its New York-based staffers, who was writing for the Web site; this staffer was told that the site was restructuring. Of course, TMZ also has its own successful venture in TMZ TV, for which Web site managing editor Harvey Levin serves as executive producer. Mr. Levin created the tabloid TV show Celebrity Justice in 2002, and some have speculated that since the show was canceled in 2005, Mr. Levin has been plotting his triumphant return to tabloid TV—an outlet that is ultimately much more lucrative than a Web site. Still, a TMZ spokeswoman told us that both the TV show and the website will continue moving “full steam ahead” for the foreseeable future.

There’s also some interesting speculation over the upcoming Pagesix.com relaunch and the Post‘s planned strategies for boosting site traffic.