Of Forbes’ ‘Ten Design Trends’ Two Take the Focus

If you’re an industrial designer given the task to design something that will become “the next big thing,” might we suggest that you make it “green” and in some way alterable by the public at large? We don’t care what it is, from a common plunger to a full-sized luxury car, just make it fit those two criteria. Or so say Forbes in their feature “Ten Industrial Design Trends You Can’t Ignore,” wherein those two specific trends are the central focus. In the section dedicated to photos, they recommend other things like making sure, if it’s going i n someone’s home, to make it all colorful and pattern-y and thinking about women’s needs, but the central focus nearly everywhere in the piece is this stuff about saving the earth and allowing people to make it their own. So do that stuff first. You can figure out how to make it a globalized iPhone later.