Odysee Launches Free Unlimited Media Storage on iOS

Among the growing number of mobile cloud storage solutions, Odysee looks to offer something that’s easy for users to get behind: unlimited storage for photos and videos that’s free for the first year, and $5 per year after that. Adding to the experience, users are given social features, like the ability to share their content with users they personally choose. The company has today officially launched its app on iOS devices, and has announced it has raised $750,000 in funding, in an angel-led seed round.

When users download the app and signup for an Odysee account, the app goes to work pulling in all of the videos and photos from a user’s device, and separates that content based on the location where photos and videos were taken and the time they were taken (creating “moments”), among other filtering options. The obvious point of the app is to provide access for all of a user’s content, without keeping the master versions on a user’s phone, where they take up valuable storage space.


The initial upload process can take some time to complete, but after it’s finished, users can sync their files to their home computer automatically, and have access to all of their files across all devices. This is true for accessing photos and videos taken on a smartphone, on a computer, and for accessing other files on a smartphone, even if they didn’t originate there. Even though their storage is unlimited, users can delete items from that storage if they decide they no longer need or want item(s).

For social features, users can invite their friends to download the app as well, and can follow, or be followed by, their contacts. Users can also share individual images or videos, with support for posting to Twitter or Facebook, and sharing via email or text message.

“Tens of millions of photos and videos taken with smartphones are used every day to capture moments, and [are] shared with friends and family via social media,” said Odysee CEO and co-founder Raghavan Menon, in a statement. “This leads to several problems – high resolution videos eat up phones’ storage and decrease their functionality, and there is no great place to archive them where they are still easy to access. Odysee today provides an easy way to automatically sync videos and photos to your home computers while still allowing you to view and share them from your phone at any time. We also provide an easy way to share these moments with family and friends instantly without having to initialize a social media post, message or email.”

Odysee is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The first 10,000 users to sign up for the service will receive free unlimited storage for life. Another cloud media storage solution, QVIVO, also provides free unlimited storage, but limits the amount of media streaming users can access each month.