O’Donnell and Huffington to LA: We Can’t Quit You

There have been rumors and speculation about West Siders Arianna Huffington and Lawrence O’Donnell giving up on the moderate weather, sunshine and crippling traffic of Los Angeles for the East Coast. Huffington, a staple of the LA literati scene has an apartment in New York. O’Donnell a contributor to MSNBC just got his own show to be filmed in New York.

Both are not totally leaving LA – they are going bi-coastal. O’Donnell tells us he will be filming his new show in the 10 pm (EST) slot three weeks a month in New York and a week in LA. Huffington’s staff confirmed she’s not leaving LA completely behind, still having her home in Brentwood.

So we can think of this two ways: One is that LA is just too great a place to give up so quickly. The other is it’s a horrible market for selling your home.

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