Oddball Polls From AOL

While Barack Obama seems poised to take over the hot seat in the White House, we are hard-pressed to explain the conservative bent of this ongoing AOL supposedly nationwide poll.

For the last six months, AOL has offered up its poll of members in all 50 states. Invariably, McCain has dominated across the country (with the exception of Washington D.C.) And they routinely claim that the poll canvasses several hundred thousand voters. All the while, the media has been touting for six months that Obama has been solidly leading every major nationwide poll by as many as 15 points.

While we are not in the business of either predicting votes or even recommending them, we simply would like to get to the bottom of this question: Are AOL users really that conservative? Or are they still angry at former CEO Steve Case for driving them and their stock price into the dirt?

In five days, we’ll see whether AOL users are gazing into the right crystal ball. Or whether they’re just wackos. I’d prefer that it weren’t the latter as I’ve been an AOL user for more than 15 years.