Odd Application Proves Popular

I Am HungrySo you are sitting in your dorm room trying to figure out what to eat and who to eat with. One thing is for sure, you are starving. Rather than digging through all of your delivery menus or running through your mental list of local restaurants, you decide to go add the “I Am Hungry” application on Facebook. You then proceed to set up a notification to all your friends that you are in fact hungry. While waiting on a response you can browse through your other friends to see if any of them are hungry as well. Within a short span of time you are miraculously matched up with a friend who can join you in the satisfaction of a fulfilling meal. Close to 200,000 Facebook users have already added this application to their profile. That’s pretty impressive for such an odd application. Apparently, college students are now spending as much time on Facebook as they are on IM. Otherwise, this application would prove useless since your friends wouldn’t be receiving immediate updates. Young people continue to push the boundaries of basic social interaction. If you are one of those who spends way too much time on Facebook and needs helps finding people to eat with, go check out the I am Hungry application.