City News Service Reporter Scores Major OccupyLA Scoop

There’s an OccupyLA flavored story buzzing all over the Internet this morning, and it’s all thanks to City News Service City Hall reporter Richie Duchon (pictured).

Duchon’s dispatch was quickly picked up yesterday evening by MyFOXLA and the LA Times, and since then by all manner of local, national and international media. It’s easy to see why. Duchon reports that prior to the Tuesday November 29 raid on OccupyLA, the LAPD sent in undercover officers posing as protesters:

Nearly a dozen undercover detectives began joining the camp about two weeks ago to gather intelligence on protesters’ plans for resisting eviction, according to the source, who was not authorized to speak about the matter. The undercover officers gathered information on specific demonstrators who might have posed a potential threat.

The undercover work yielded information that some protesters were preparing bamboo spears and other potentially dangerous weapons in advance of an expected eviction by the LAPD. No such weapons were used during the largely nonviolent eviction.

OccupyLA co-organizer Mario Brito tells Duchon he thinks these tactics were “tantamount to 1950s McCarthyism.” That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there’s no doubt this news will inflame the anti-police feelings of many members of the movement, not just here in LA but across the country.

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