Conservative Writer Criticizes Occupy Oakland MSM Coverage

There is no shortage this morning of analysis and opinion about what went down yesterday at 14th Street and Broadway in Oakland. However, one of the more thought-provoking takes on the decision by local police to clear out Occupy Oakland in the morning and stop protesters from retaking the location at night comes all the way from Florida, courtesy of author and Human Events staff writer John Hayward.

Hayward thinks LA’s PJMedia website had one of the more accurate initial accounts of last night’s confrontation and criticizes AP, CNN and CBS News for leaving out important details. Ultimately, he frames his argument within the familiar refrain of a “Liberal” media bias:

Very few national media accounts mention that the Occupy Oakland mob launched a counter-attack and tried to take their camp back from police…. I’ve rarely seen the media fight so hard to avoid simply and accurately reporting a massive event that has been copiously documented on video.

If the Tea Party had ever launched a violent riot in a city, you most certainly would not have spent the next morning reading sanitized accounts which struggled to call it anything but a riot.

From FishbowlLA’s point of view, there is another important point worth mentioning. Thanks to the flood of social media dispatches that now emanates from an occurrence like yesterday’s, misinformation is spread more quickly than ever and often carelessly picked up by the media. For example, although north and SoCal outlets were initially repeating that police were detonating flash-grenades, an Oakland Tribune report cited by the author indicates the flashes may in fact have been the result of protester-ignited fireworks.