Readers Astonished by Alleged Occupy LA Reparation Cost

Much is being made today about a CBSLA report of the policing and reparation expenses faced by the city as a result of Occupy LA. According to the item, $700,000 in policing was required to evict protesters and another $400,000 will be needed to repair the lawn where the encampment was pitched.

The policing amount seems plausible; with 1,400 officers deployed on eviction night, it works out to an average of $500 per officer, and that’s without factoring in any other law enforcement related expenses for the operation. But $400,000 to fix a lawn? Either a zero has been accidentally added to the landscaping number or working as a gardener for the city of LA is more lucrative than we imagined. Reaction from readers has been swift:

Eric Slowik: What are they using for grass seed? Diamonds ?

Wayne: For $400,000, they could cover the entire state of Rhode Island. The number is silly.

On the @OccupyLA Twitter feed, the first reaction to the CBSLA item was a link to LAist’s pick-up, along with this comment: “How Much Will Mayor V Spend for a 50lb bag of Grass Seeds and a Tactical Assault on Free Speech?”

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