Observer Publisher Named Senior White House Adviser

Thanks dad!

Jared Kushner, the publisher of The Observer, has been tapped by his daddy-in-law Donald Trump to be a senior White House adviser. Rarely will you ever see such an overt case of nepotism. It’s almost refreshing.

As part of the new gig, Kushner will sell his stake in the Observer to a family trust (CEO Joseph Meyer will take over as publisher) and divest his holdings in 666 Fifth Avenue.

In return for doing that, The New York Times reports Kushner will “work on issues involving the Middle East and Israel; try to forge government partnerships with the private sector; and collaborate with Mr. Trump’s choice for commerce secretary, Wilbur L. Ross Jr., on matters involving free trade.”

Sounds great. There is literally no reason he should be doing any of that other than his daddy-in-law is about to be president, but sure. Might as well. Things can’t get much worse than they already are.

We’ll likely regret that last sentence.