Observer Owner Jared Kushner: $100,000 in Political Contributions Since 1992

Jared Kushner, the new owner of the New York Observer, may have “worked to develop a separate and distinct identity” from his imprisoned father Charles, but it appears the donations he and other members of the Kushner family made to political candidates have been indistinguishable.

According to the Center For Responsive Politics, since 1992 Kushner has made over $100,000 in political contributions — some 45 — to various causes and candidates — including the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer — under the auspices of at least eight different companies, including BP Devolopers, LP; Kushner Companies; Imperial Gardens; Pheasant Hollow Associates; Quall Ridge Associates; Marine Garden Associates; Florham Associates; Long Brook Associates; 66 WMP Associates.

It’s unclear whether or not these contributions are included among those listed in a 2002 Bergen Record article “Paying for Power: The Kushner Network” — the second result you get by Googling “Jared Kushner:”

A close review by The Record of Kushner’s donations in the last five years shows just how grand his largesse really is: In that time, Kushner, his family, and business associates funneled at least $3.1 million to political committees and politicians.

Kushner’s four children gave almost $300,000, some even before they were old enough to vote. On a single day in March last year, Kushner’s contribution network gave $237,000 to the state Democratic Committee…

Listed as contributors in the Kushner network are 85 family members and business partners in companies the developer controls.

Kushner’s four children have given to the same causes as their father. His son Jared, a 21-year-old college student, is listed as making more than two dozen contributions totaling $82,000. Jared’s 17-year-old brother, Joshua, gave $44,000, while 19-year-old Nicole gave $67,000. On Nov. 1, 2000, Nicole and Joshua each wrote checks to the state Democratic Party – for $30,000 and $20,000.

Kushner’s mother, Rae, is listed as contributing $72,000. Kushner’s brother-in-law and business partner, Richard Stadtmauer, and five members of Stadtmauer’s family have given $199,200 since 1997 to various Democrats and the aborted U.S. Senate campaign of former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. That total included $80,000 to McGreevey or to political committees that benefited him.

Sometimes, it seemed that Kushner and the people around him could not write checks fast enough.

On March 25 of [2001], the Democratic State Committee made this haul: two checks for $37,000 each from Kushner and his mother; $17,000 from Jared Kushner; $27,000 from his elder sister, Dara; and $27,000 from brother Murray – even though he generally aims his donations at Republicans. Five other Kushner partners and their family members also kicked in checks, to push the total take to $237,000.