Olbermann Has Guardian Angel in Kristol

Just as conservative journalists and politicians came out in droves and backed the left-leaning Juan Williams when NPR fired him, at least one conservative is giving voice to the idea that MSNBC ought to hang on to Keith Olbermann. That would be The Weekly Standard‘s Editor Bill Kristol, who is also a Fox News contributor. Politico’s Simmi Aujla broke the news earlier today the news that Olbermann has been suspended indefinitely for donating to Democratic candidates.

The headline of a Weekly Standard blog post: Keep Keith!

An excerpt:

…He’s not a reporter. It’s an opinion show. If Olbermann wants to put his money where his mouth is, more power to him.

Perhaps Olbermann violated NBC News “policy and standards.” But NBC doesn’t have real news standards for MSNBC—otherwise the channel wouldn’t exist. It’s a little strange to get all high and mighty now.

We requested comment from HuffPost Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington, who has been interviewed by Olbermann many times, on the suspension. She’s traveling in the Middle East and was unavailable. A D.C. newspaper editor who has appeared on MSNBC numerous times but wished to remain anonymous, said Olbermann shouldn’t be suspended.”What’s the big deal? Everyone knows Olbermann is a liberal. So he gave money to a party he loves? Shocking. He is a hypocrite but who isn’t in politics? NBC should have dealt with it internally but not suspended him.” Even so, the editor has a rough time watching Olbermann and doesn’t too often.  “I love Morning Joe, but can’t watch Keith or Chris. Keith is sooo snarky.”

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