Obama’s Twitter Bid on Election Eve

44's advocates buy up Promoted Trend and multiple Promoted Tweets

Who wins tomorrow seems to be anyone’s guess, as predictions are all over the electoral map. Advocates for 44’s re-election appear to have a firm grip on Twitter ads on Monday, however, the day before Election Day.

Priorities USA Action, a Barack Obama-supporting political action committee, has blanketed Twitter with ad buys, winning the Promoted Tweet bids for search/hashtag terms for Election, Election2012, Obama, Romney, Biden, Ryan, Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was also bidding on the terms and running pro-Obama ads.

Twitter's bidding system works similarly to Google Adwords, letting marketers attach ads to keywords on the site.

For much of Monday afternoon, Election2012 was a nationally trending hashtag. Those who clicked on the hashtag saw the following pro-Obama ad from Priorities USA:

And the president’s campaign purchased Monday’s Promoted Trend, which costs $120,000 per day. The copy mirrors the Democrat’s pithy re-election slogan: “Forward.” (Ad appears below.)

His challenger, Republican Mitt Romney, became the first presidential candidate to run a Promoted Trend ad during the GOP’s convention in Tampa, Fla., in late August. Since then, the ad buy has become a regular part of each camp’s digital strategy.